AV Case studies:


Example of a commercial video setup based in a Birmingham retail park.
A multi-screen video projection system with multi channel frame accurate video server, for displaying customer information, DVD, live broadcast, camera and entertainment videos.

The multiple video sources passed through upscalers to ensure a standard input and connected to a Kramer matrix. This enabled seamless switching between the sources for the projectors.

The six screens each measuring 5m x 4m were suspended 15m high to achieve a 360° line of sight throughout the venue. The frame accurate video content was synchronised to create one large video canvas enabling content to scroll around the entire venue. The projection system consisted of 6 large format Sanyo projectors for maximum brightness and suspended in custom housings.

The client required a complex and timed "event" every hour of operation. As several systems had to interact for this to be accomplished, a show controller was used. The hourly event consisted of audio and video linked to a sequenced lighting show. The lighting system utilized a PC based lighting controller

All video and lighting controls were accessed in the main management suite (situated 80m away from the main atrium) via a bespoke show controller and custom interface, consisting of physical buttons and a web page interface.


External video projection with automatic scheduling of start-up and shutdown of the projector.
The scheduling was achieved from the media servers RS232 output.


Changes to original scheme to create a central focus for video content within the venue.

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