AV Case studies:


A home automation system was implemented to control all aspects of modern living within a high end residence.

Control systems were to include multi-room audio, lighting, multi-room video, heating and mechanical control (blinds, gates and garage door etc.).
Another major requirement was that no AV hardware was to be visible except for the output displays. This resulted in a decision to centralize all hardware and sending video (standard definition and 1080p) to remote screens around the home.
Video transmission was accomplished via active video senders (via CAT6) which are required to contend with the high definition HDCP protection system.

All systems were controlled via a handheld Philips Pronto controller. These handheld controllers link to the system utilizing a WiFi connection. These were connected to a rack mounted base unit that connects to various devices via it's inputs and outputs (IR, RS232 and contact closures).

Integration with the electrical distribution board was achieved with the use of Clipsal units (dimmers, switch relays etc using the Cbus protocol) and controlled by a PAC logic controller. The PAC can be programmed with a script based program and uploaded into the units memory for conditional logic and other applications.
Although the Philips Pronto does not natively communicate with Clipsal, a passer script created in the PAC enabled 2-way control across the systems.

The multi-room audio was controlled via a BSS Soundweb processor to fine tune the sound and distribution around the house. It was also used as the main audio matrix, again controlled by the Pronto.

The multi-room video consisted of video upscalers and matrix. Source selection could easily be controlled by the user without worrying about it's format. The use of media servers was also employed enabling both audio and video content to be chosen and played either via the Pronto or iPhone.

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